Play With Me Naughty Lingerie Game

Light a fire with this sexy lingerie kit with erotic literature games and sensuous body stocking. Sex scenarios arouse you and your partner with fulfilling fantasies as you journey through Foreplay and Position cards. Then just for fun use the flex cuffs for harmless bondage play as one partner can submit to the others wishes.

One size fits most lingerie body stocking. One pair of Flex Cuffs. Sex Scenario sheet, 10 Position Cards, 10 Foreplay Cards. Inject a bit of fun into your sex life with Play With Me Lingerie and go Naughty with a sexy body stocking, bondage cuffs and foreplay/position cards. Made just for fun, this sexy came may bring new thrills behind closed doors and create new pleasure and passion.
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Purchase:  Price: $27.99

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