Rainbow Leaf Ashtray & Stash Jar Set

Rainbow Leaf Ashtray and Stash Jar Set from Fashion Craft. The perfect gift for any stoner event! Your guests will be delighted to receive this trendy Ashtray and Stash Jar Set decorated in LGBT style. Keep your herbs and spices fresh and easily accessible in a fun Stash Jar with a Rainbow Leaf design. It comes with a matching Ashtray. This trendy set offers an LGBT themed Stash Jar and an Ashtray. Both are made of Glass and feature a Leaf and a 420 graphic, decorated in bold Rainbow colors. The set is presented in a decorative gift box with an open window front. This product is recommended for adult use only. Attract new business to your walk in or online store with our on trend collection of novelty LGBT products. Size of Stash Jar 3.75 inches tall by 2.75 inches wide. Size of Ashtray 1.125 inches tall by 3.5 inches in diameter around. Made of Glass.Black with a bold Rainbow Leaf design on the Stash Jar and Ashtray. 420 graphic in Rainbow colors. This product is recommended for adult use only. Categories: Party Games, Gifts, Supplies, Adult Party Supplies, Adult Gags, Gifts and novelties , Barware, Kitchen Humor. 2023.
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